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Current Pairs

SynFutures is launching a limited-time promotion since July 1st, 2024. The trading fee rate of this pair is reduced to 0.02%.

  • IMR: 3%

  • MMR: 1.5%

  • Market Order Trading Fee: 0.02%

  • Limit Order Fee Rebate: 0.01%

  • Execution Fee: 0.02 USDC

  • Minimum Market Trade Value: 500 USDC

  • Minimum Limit Order Value: 1,000 USDC

  • Realized Profit Withdrawal Throttle: 100,000 USDC

  • Max Realized Profit Withdrawal Waiting Time: 24 hours

Community Listing

Community listing asset pairs often exhibit higher volatility and risk. Users are advised to conduct thorough research and trade at their own discretion when engaging with these listings.

In the event a community listing pair experiences insufficient liquidity or trading activity to maintain an efficient price discovery mechanism, SynFutures reserves the right to delist that trading pair.

Effective July 1, 2024, any decisions to delist a community listing pair will be announced to users via the official SynFutures Discord channel 24 hours in advance. Upon delisting, all open positions for the affected pair will be settled based on the prevailing or fair market rate at that time. Subsequently, the remaining balance for each user's settled positions will be credited back to their respective SynFutures accounts.

  • IMR: 10%

  • MMR: 7.5%

  • Market Order Trading Fee: 0.03%

  • Limit Order Fee Rebate: 0.01%

  • Execution Fee: 0.0001 WETH

  • Minimum Market Trade Value: 0.02 WETH

  • Minimum Limit Order Value: 0.04 WETH

  • Realized Profit Withdrawal Throttle: 50 WETH

  • Max Realized Profit Withdrawal Waiting Time: 24 hours

Automatic Settlement Procedure for Community Listings on Base

An automated settlement procedure has been implemented for community listings with persistently low trading volumes.

If a community pair's daily trading volume falls below $5,000 for 3 consecutive calendar days (UTC 00:00 - 23:59), it will be flagged for pending settlement. A countdown timer will then be displayed to provide transparency to users.

If the volume remains under $5,000 for 5 consecutive days, the platform will automatically settle and delist the pair.

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