Why am I receiving less funding fees than I should have according to the funding fee rate I see on your website?

The "Est. 1H Funding'' displayed on our website represents the estimated funding fee for the paying side only, and it’s updated in real time. However, by hovering your mouse over it, you can also see the funding fee for the receiving side. It's important to understand that the funding fee calculation takes into account the total open interest (OI) of both long and short positions, excluding liquidity. In short, the side that pays the funding is expected to pay at the fee rate displayed, but the side that receives funding may receive more or less depending on the position imbalance. Therefore, it is possible to receive a funding fee that differs from the rate shown on the website. For more detailed information on how funding fees are calculated, please refer to the documentation provided [here].

What are the fees associated with trading on SynFutures?

Information regarding the fees associated with trading on SynFutures can be found [here]. Additionally, for specific trading pairs, you can access the fee details in the info section of the respective trading pair on our website.

Why does my position get liquidated before reaching the liquidation price?

Positions can be liquidated before reaching the specified liquidation price due to social loss. Social loss can occur when a trading position falls below its maintenance margin requirement and is liquidated, and the insurance fund is insufficient to cover the resulting loss. In such cases, the deficit is distributed among all opposite positions, taxing the profiting positions to cover it.

To monitor any potential social loss, you can review it through the unrealized PnL breakdown associated with your position. Keep in mind that highly volatile assets, like community tokens, are more susceptible to social loss. We recommend considering this factor when engaging in trading activities.

For more detailed information on social loss, please refer to [here].

What is the exact time that the future contracts expire?

The future contracts expire at UTC 8:00 am.

Are future contracts settled using mark price or index price?

The settlement of the contracts are based on the mark price.

Will future contracts be automatically settled?

Yes, the contract will be automatically settled. However, users are required to send a transaction to claim their assets in the settled pair.

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