Why is USDB/WETH approval required before depositing/trading?

The USDB/WETH contract includes an approve function, which enables the contract to spend USDB/WETH on the sender's behalf. This one-time approval process is crucial for security. Approving merely allows the specified amount of USDB/WETH to be available for future transactions, it does not result in the consumption of USDB/WETH itself.

What should I do when I encounter the "Transaction missed deadline" error message?

When you encounter the "Transaction missed deadline" error message, it is usually due to a mismatch between your computer's local time and the accurate time. To address this issue, we suggest adjusting your computer's local time to ensure it is synchronized correctly.

If adjusting the local time doesn't resolve the problem, you can try clicking the setting icon next to the Limit Order and reset the deadline.

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