🦪Oyster Odyssey

What are Odyssey Points, and how can they be utilized within SynFutures?

Odyssey Points are rewards offered through the Oyster Odyssey, which can be obtained from referrals, providing AMM liquidity, and placing limit orders.

How does one qualify for Mystery Boxes, and under what conditions are they awarded?

  • Registration.

  • Refer someone to register.

  • Your squad TVL meets a certain requirement.

Could you explain how liquidity addition influences the accumulation of Odyssey Points and the factors enhancing point allocation?

  • Liquidity points are the major part of Odyssey points. Users can get liquidity points by adding liquidity or placing limit orders.

  • These are actions that can enhance liquidity points:

  • Add liquidity with a narrower range, which means you will have higher capital efficiency but a higher risk of being removed.

  • Place limit orders close to the market price, and you will get more points if the order is filled within a proper period.

What constitutes the minimum liquidity deposit requirement, and how do limit orders affect point earnings?

Limit orders are treated as providing liquidity, so these transactions earn points. Users can earn more points by placing limit orders with bigger sizes and closer prices to fair prices.

Are points awarded for market and limit orders, or is there a distinction?

Points are only awarded for limit orders since we treat limit orders as a way to provide liquidity.

What prerequisites must invitees meet for the referrer to gain points, and how does the referrer's level affect the bonus points for invitees?

  • Invitees need to finish registration. Referrers can then earn a portion of invitees' liquidity points.

  • Invitees' liquidity points can be boosted with a higher boost factor if the referrer's level is higher.

How is the Boost Percentage calculated, and does it directly amplify the points accumulated?

  • The boost percentage is related to the referrer and the squad TVL.

  • It factors liquidity points and then is accumulated over time.

What components contribute to the Squad's Total Value Locked (TVL), and do limit orders also play a part?

TVL includes the margin deposited and liquidity added, so limit orders play a part since a margin is needed.

What methods exist for earning spins, what rewards do they potentially offer, and how is 'Luck' factored into the outcomes?

  • When TVL is maintained for a certain period, users can earn spins.

  • Users can obtain points through spins, which offer an undetermined number of points.

  • If 'Luck' is higher, the chances are higher that you may receive points from a spin.

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